Deborah Huntley - Licencesed Clinical Psychologist Deborah Huntley - Licencesed Clinical Psychologist


A few words about my background within this specialty:

When I moved to Sarasota in 1981, I took the position of Director of Psychological Services for a local residential treatment program for adolescents and their families.� Those in treatment had drug and/ or alcohol dependencies.� While at that facility, I obtained my state certification as a Certified Addictions Professional and practiced a treatment strongly influenced by twelve step principles and the cognitive behavior therapy of Maultsby.

Now in private practice, I continue to work with teenagers, adults and couples who have concerns about their drug or alcohol use.�Additionally, I�work with the families of addicts/alcoholics, helping them�cope more effectively with their impaired spouses or children. As a Certified Addictions Professional, I am�also permitted to conduct evaluations for probationary purposes and/or court related issues.

Addiction therapy may also cover the following concerns:

   � Legal problems - DUI
   � When alcohol and/or drugs are harming family relationships
   � When clients are alcohol and/or drug dependent and
      also have a mood disorder
   � Co-dependency issues
   � Adult Children of Alcoholics issues
   � Dependency on pain medications
   � When alcohol and/or drugs are impairing work performance
      or grades in school

Please Note: When warranted, the treatment goal is abstinence from all mood-altering substances.� However, some clients are able to change the conditions under which they drink and the way they drink and become social drinkers again after having been problem drinkers before.

  Deborah Huntley - Licencesed Clinical Psychologist