Deborah Huntley - Licencesed Clinical Psychologist Deborah Huntley - Licencesed Clinical Psychologist

General Practice

Sometimes just finding the right person to talk to can create a cornerstone for a new beginning.� I have over twenty-five years of experience working with couples, individuals and families with a wide range of concerns. Clients often describe my style as �direct and compassionate.�

Has your relationship been impacted by:

   � Poor communication
   � Problems with in-laws
   � Problems with step-parenting
   � The effects of trauma
   � Addiction
   � Grief and loss
   � Job stress
   � Mood disorder
   � Attention deficit disorder
   � Changes brought about by birth of children

Or, are you an individual with one or more of these concerns:

   � Anxiety
   � Depression
   � Phobias
   � Bi-polar mood disorder
   � Poor relationship skills
   � Persistently choosing inappropriate partners
   � Low self-esteem
   � Shyness/social anxiety
   � Job related stress
   � Health/illness related issues

If so, therapy may be an option. Please visit my contact page for more information on scheduling your first session.

  Deborah Huntley - Licencesed Clinical Psychologist