Deborah Huntley - Licencesed Clinical Psychologist

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Deborah Huntley - Licencesed Clinical Psychologist


Deborah Huntley, Ph.D., C.A.P.
My name is Deborah Huntley, I am a licensed psychologist practicing in the state of Florida since 1978. While I have two specialty areas (Sexuality and Addictions) I also see individuals and couples who have a wide variety of issues (General Practice). As you visit my website, please take a moment to explore each offering in its entirety.

Some problems are helped by a here and now focus and the use of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. I keep current on the latest tools for rapid resolution of emotional discomfort. I obtained Level Two training in EMDR in 2003. Other difficulties will require an examination of the habits and beliefs we acquired in our families that may be limiting our current behavior. My greatest training influence in family work has been the theoretical orientation of Virginia Satir.

Regardless of what degree or special training a therapist may have, choosing the appropriate therapist is a very personal decision. If interested in obtaining psychotherapy, I always suggest you think of a first session as an audition; assessing your level of comfort and confidence in the therapist. Not every therapist is right for every client and you should be encouraged to trust your own instincts during the interview.

To schedule your first appointment (my audition), please call 366-2442. An initial screening will be done via the phone. If we feel compatibility with one another, the appointment will be scheduled. If I am unable to help you, I will attempt to assist you in finding a therapist who can help.

  Deborah Huntley - Licencesed Clinical Psychologist